Hollow Knight- an indie game well worth the price

Hollow knight was developed and published by Team Cherry in 2017 and is available on X-Box One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. This game genuinely surprised me with its scale and quality especially because of its low price. Going as low as fifteen euro on steam, the game proves that it is well worth it. So far I've clocked in about fifty hours exploring the expansive world and I don't even think I'm done yet.

The games over all plot is pieced together as you explore the world and meet new characters. The story is something you have to experience piecing together for yourself so I wont go deep into it here, but from the moment the main character touches down in "Hollow Nest" you know your in for something special. The games hand drawn visuals and fantastic soundtrack do wonders in creating a strange, charming and eerie vibe for the player. Everything you see in the beginning subtly teaches you how to play the game while encouraging you to keep exploring. And that drive for exploration is only going to grow as you find places like the decrepit Forgotten Crossroads, the luscious Green Path or the mystical Resting Grounds.


The game doesn't stay very easy for long, because once you begin to explore further you'll be introduced to bosses that will test your skill and patience. Every area has multiple bosses that you will lose too often. It takes time to memorise their patterns and abilities in order to beat them. But when you do, there is no better satisfaction. The games difficulty is sometimes unfair but nothing in this game ever seems impossible and as I mentioned before the satisfaction from winning is like nothing else.

Over all the game is incredibly strong, lengthy and well worth the price. But the question is, why am I making a review of the game in 2020 when it came out three years ago? Because not enough people have played this damn it. It flew under way too many peoples radar when it came out, so much so that even I am only after getting around to it now.

The game ranges from fifteen to thirty euro, so I highly recommend this game to anyone interested.



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