Mega Games for the party with a difference

When it comes to choosing an exciting party for your children, an exciting, thrilling new alternative has arisen in the west. Something that will have your children and their friends buzzing with anticipation — and also something that will save your house from destruction.

Since it wowed visitors to the recent Galway Science and Technology Festival event at NUI Galway, Mega Games has gone from strength to strength over the past year.

Whether it is racing around a track in a single seater race car or capturing a base as part of a team work event, Mega Games offers out of this world thrills with its universal appeal for the quiet and loud.

And it is all available at your door in a futuristic self contained world of possibilities of fun and excitement. Mega Games offers something very different for children's parties and events. At first it looks like a regular van but inside is a multiscreen arcade that has to be seen to be believed. When it pulls into your driveway, there is little indication that it is home to a feast of magical excitement; a veritable treasure trove of games to placate even the most demanding of gaming palates.

Mega Games is a new and exciting way to liven up your childrens' parties and events. Something that will help them create new memories. Something that will help them develop new skills, and give them a new appreciation of teamwork. With the latest games, cutting edge technology and space age lighting, Mega Games offers the world at your doorstep. Just add race car drivers and Premier League footballers to ensure a memorable magical event for your child and their friends. 

Offering 11 4K ultra HD screens that are designed for high resolution graphic gaming for up to 20 players, it takes out the weather as a consideration when it comes to party-time. All you need is a parking space and a power source and Mick from Mega Games will handle everything else. 

If your children are mad for Minecraft or fanatical about Fortnite, hiring Mega Games is a fresh way to incorporate your children's hobbies into a party activity that can be played by up to 20 friends at once. As a parent, it would be impossible to provide up to the minute gaming for all the attendees at your child's party were it not for this ingenious idea. 


Considering where we are in the world, one of the big advantages is that the potential rain and daylight really do not matter when you have booked a party at Mega Games. The van is comfortable and the hours will fly by. You can book the van to fit in with the events at your party. Before or after food; before or after the cakecutting. And all of this under the expert tutelage of games master Mick Fitzgerald.

Mick started Mega Games in the summer of 2018 and has been busy all over Ireland since the business launched. Mainly he is being hired for children’s parties but he has also been booked for stags and hens, office team-building days, and weddings to keep the children (of all ages ) occupied.

There is literally not an audience that will not be wowed by the Mega Games van. It is in effect the modern incarnation of the ice-cream van for all ages.

It plays host to an absolutely massive array of games from the incredibly popular Fortnite or Minecraft to old favourites like Gran Turismo and Fifa all played on eight Xboxs, two PS4s and two Nintendo switches.

It has serious network resilience — being connected to all Vodafone, Three & Eir mobile networks.

It is all state of the art. If your last experience with games was back in the 80s or 90s, you had to deal with unreliable hardware and rubbish, poor graphics. When you see what is in the Mega Games van you will not believe the advancements made in the gaming industry. 

This is a proper communal experience. Plenty of the games in the Mega Games van are played cooperatively for up to 20 people — working together in a goalorientated environment, good for building social skills, and rewarding team work.

To keep up with the latest technology and games costs a small fortune. When you get Mega Games, you get everything state of the art. Mega Games has all the consoles up to date and ready to play.

Booking the Mega Games van for your event couldn't be simpler — name the time and place, and the van will come to you.

All parties are supervised by an experienced game coach to make sure everything goes smoothly and everyone is engaged (in the games ). Every party is tailored according to people’s interests and age in order to make it special for everyone.

Get MegaGames to your party or event now. Call or Whatsapp Mick Fitzgerald on 085 958 1500 or find him on Facebook page Mega Games.


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