Wake me up when September ends

September can often be described as the month of madness. The children are back to school, the evenings are getting shorter, the traffic is a little heavier, and more often than not, so are the bags under our eyes. As much as we love new beginnings, September can often take a huge toll on both our bodies and our sleep. So today, EZ Living Furniture has come up with five EZ tips to help you thrive in September.

1. Create consistency

Routine is going to be your best friend for the month of September. In order to make the most of your sleep pattern, fall asleep and wake up at the same time each day. As much as we hate to admit it, we are all creatures of habit. After some time, creating consistency will result in you waking up mere seconds before your alarm. It is amazing what the body and mind can accomplish if given routine, try it for yourself.

2. Block the clock

It is natural to wake up during the night from time to time, but what is not natural is the pressure we put on ourselves to fall back asleep after observing the clock. Before falling asleep place your phone or alarm clock in a place that’s not easily accessible. Save yourself the panic of a countdown every time you wake up and let your body ease itself back to sleep naturally!

3. Say no to stimulants

You would be surprised how much of an effect a simple evening coffee can have on your sleep. Any form of caffeine, or energy drink, has a direct effect on your nervous system and body, leading to increased alertness and restlessness. You may be tired but you will pay for taking short term stimulants the next day.

4. Breathe in, sleep out

A simple deep breathing exercise before bed will help you relax, as well as letting your body know it is time to sleep.

5. Turn off tablets

Unlike smart phones and electronic devices, we cannot be switched on and off. Give yourself the time to recharge by switching off all distractions.


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