Holistic health at Enigma Wellness Clinic

Passionate about the holistic approach, Galway woman Maura Farragher of Enigma Wellness Clinic, a qualified nurse and midwife, has more than 20 years of experience of patient care, nurturing clients with a combination of complementary therapies. Enigma Wellness Clinic recently opened upstairs at The Huntsman, College Road. Those who benefit greatly from the Enigma approach are people who may suffer from tiredness and fatigue, low mood, anxiety and stress, sleep issues and insomnia, fibromyalgia, stomach and digestion complaints, sinus problems, hay fever, and migraine as well as infertility and pregnancy induction.

"The pace of life today, rushing around, stressing our bodies and minds - we all benefit from taking a step back, taking some ‘me’ time and giving our bodies and minds the best possible chance," she said. "Focus today as a society is moving towards the achievement of greater overall wellness and with stress and lifestyle pressures along with general ‘busyness’. My clients are seeking to be fully present and feeling they are listened to and being fully heard."

With greater access to information combined with people having a higher awareness and listening more to their intuition regarding their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, the role of the therapist is to help them feel fully empowered and to nurture and mentor them on their journey to improved health and wellness.

More and more people are proactively taking steps to achieve and maintain improved health and wellbeing through energy healing and acupuncture at Enigma Wellness Clinic. Maura Farragher’s bespoke Chinese herbal remedy tinctures are tailored to each individual client's needs, restoring inner balance and harmony, improving energy and mood, which aids in balancing hormones and boosts endorphins naturally present in the body.

Tending to the body, mind, and soul leads to deep and contented feelings of inner peace and joy. The Enigma approach provides a sacred environment that helps to nourish both body and spiritual essence.

Enigma Wellness Clinic is located upstairs at The Huntsman on College Road, Galway. Book your first consultation with Maura Farragher at 087 6486043, email maura@enigmawellnessclinic.com, or see www.enigmawellnessclinic.com


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