Free Yourself from Diabetes Anxiety and Get Your Blood Sugar In Check!

One Galway best-selling author is out to fight chronic ill-health. Begin improving your health during this workshop and book signing on Saturday, 30th of March at the Arches Hotel in Claregalway.

One Galway best-selling author is out to fight chronic ill-health. Begin improving your health during this workshop and book signing on Saturday, 30th of March at the Arches Hotel in Claregalway.

If you are amongst the 230.000 people in Ireland that live with diabetes, you always worry about things that others can safely ignore. Will my blood sugar hold at night or will it drop, and I die in my sleep? Will my insulin overheat in my bag on a beautiful day out? Will I make it through long business meetings without going low? When is the right time to tell a new friend, date, or employer about my disease?

Worries are growing for an increasing number of Irish people. About 860.000 adults are at increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. In other words, almost every fourth person working in your office, living in your parish, or shopping next to you in Dunnes is at increased risk of chronic ill-health.

One Galway resident is out to change that. Bestselling author, Andrew Lawless, just wrote a book about it called Blood Sugar In Check. He writes with compassion borne of his own successes with responsible self-care: “Achieving good health is technically easy until you realise that maintaining a healthy weight includes avoiding almost all foods that are white, such as sugar, potatoes, rice, noodles, cheese, yoghurt, milk, and bread. Knowing which changes to make is easy but following through on them is hard.”

To make it easy to adopt a healthy lifestyle, Andrew developed a 7-Step Diabetes MasteryTM process that empowers people with diabetes and those that are at risk to live healthily and happy. Says Dr Udo Erasmus, Founder of Udo’s Choice Supplements: “Andrew’s approach is spot-on. […] Instead of just giving you the usual instructions of counting carbs and determining the dosage of your medication, he focuses from the beginning on building a mindset for a happy and healthy life with diabetes.”

The seven Diabetes MasteryTM steps are:

1. Understand What’s Holding You Back

2. Create Your Wheel of Diabetes MasteryTM

3. Design Your Personal Diabetes Plan

4. Find Your Diabetes Flow

5. Condition Yourself for Blood Sugar Success

6. Overcome Unconstructive Blood Sugar Management Patterns

7. Embrace Your Diabetes Lifestyle

Dr Erasmus attests: “Andrew gives you updated, correct advice that works. Andrew shows you what to do, step-by-step. It’s reassuring.”

You can now meet Andrew in person and get a signed copy of his book Blood Sugar in Check on Saturday, 30th of March at 10 AM at the Arches Hotel in Claregalway. This workshop is for you if you want to have your diabetes in check and live with total confidence that you can handle your blood sugar levels. You will learn how essential oils help you to:

* Enjoy life without losing a toe, a kidney or your eyesight

* Stop beating yourself up when blood sugar levels spike

* Eliminate everyday worries about passing out from blood sugar lows

* Succeed in your job with your illness

* Spend more meaningful moments with your family and friends

How would you live with diabetes if you knew you had your blood sugar in check? Which dreams could you live, relationships would you build and foster, spiritual awareness would you reach?

If you are tired of doing everything right, but still feel isolated, overwhelmed and stressed over your health, learn how essential oils make a difference and register for the event now! Seating is limited.

Diabetes Mastery with Essential Oils 30th of March at 10 AM Arches Hotel in Claregalway

About Andrew Lawless

Andrew Lawless has had type 1 diabetes for over 40 years with no signs of complications. He has never allowed his illness to be in the way of his happiness and success.

An athlete and martial artist all of his life, Andrew served as a trainer and consultant to the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit, presented to the Obama US White House, and testified before the US Senate on the importance of professional development. He has held executive positions at The World Bank, Berlitz International, and Holtzbrinck Publishing Services.

As a Strategic Interventionist, Andrew has made it his mission to help people with diabetes reach their dreams. One challenge he is proud of mastering: Keeping his blood sugar in check for four hours in front of the stage at Bruce Springsteen in Limerick, Ireland.

Blood Sugar In Check


Blood Sugar In Check is for you if you want to live with total confidence that you can manage your diabetes. Get it on Amazon or download it here for free for a limited time.


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