Dark Souls III: A modern classic

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Dark Souls III is the final game in the Dark Souls trilogy and what a bang to go out on. I personally have put many hundreds of hours into this game and it is no question why. This game is the end of the trilogy. It wraps up all of the best bits of all of the games and brings it together for a splendid ending for both the main game and DLC’s.

The second you start this game the world itself tells you it is dying. You wake up in a graveyard of ash (ash is the main theme for this game ) surrounded by other undead with broken swords and tattered clothing. The atmosphere is gray and depressing. Everything about the world is dying and it is clear the you are meant to stop this even though you the player are killed more times than you dare to count. The very first boss in this game is meant to show you that and it does effectively. There is no difficulty setting so you beat the game the way they intended you to.

The first time I played this game I was pummeled into the dirt by this boss for good while, yet something kept pushing me. Was it myself motivation? Possibly. Was it the game? For sure but not the main reason. It was the fact that I wanted to say that I beat Dark Souls. It has become a bit of a joke in recent years now that so many people have beat it but, you have overcome the challenge, you beat Dark Souls.

The bosses in Dark Souls III are by far the best in the series so far, which isn’t much of a surprise as they have had 7 years of experience making them and have finally perfected the formula. The final boss for the compulsory section is the best by far than any of the others and the very perfect way to finish the trilogy as it started, the final boss for the optional areas is, in my opinion at least, the best boss in the game, the final boss in the first DLC feels like it came straight out of Bloodborne and for the final DLC from the final souls game was a perfect way to end the series. At the end of time.

The combat flows better than any of the other games and just feels more natural to play. Speaking of combat the PvP for this game is just about good as it’s ever been, which is bad. The amount of scummy builds, people meta-gaming their builds, hacking, disconnects, salty community, lag and glitches are still there. If you are looking for a PvP game never look to the souls games they were never meant for PvP and it has never worked properly in any of the games… Besides Dark Souls II.

The part I have been dreading the most is actually pointing out the flaws for this game. I will start with the DLC’s. My main issue with the first DLC is how short it is for the price. For how diverse and long the second DLC is the first one is a joke and the fact that if you can buy them separately for the same price is crazy. This isn’t a problem for the Fire Fades edition as both of the DLC’s come with the game. My next quarrel with this game is some of the bosses. This game has more gimmick bosses than any other previous title. There are four in total in the game but somehow there are worse bosses then the gimmick ones. The human bosses with just the moveset of the weapon that you can use are. Thankfully there are only two of them and they are both in the DLC’s but they are insulting both design and to play against.

The very basic surface level of the story has remained consistent throughout the series as in beat the four bosses to fight the bigger boss. Although that is technically a story it is a fraction of the story. You may know to go and kill those four guys but why you are doing it and who they really are are the questions you need to answer to fully understand the story. I could sit here all day and talk about the story but I don’t want to end up having to write over 5,000 words. On your spare time the story is well worth exploring for yourself and plenty of it is up for speculation.

My final rating for the game would have to be 4/5. There are some annoying areas and some obscure things that you have to do that you would only know on your second playthrough and even then. Otherwise this game is a treat to play for anyone.

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