Acupuncture and laser therapy for chronic pain and inflammation

Chronic pain is a condition that affects thousands of people in Ireland as often those who have tried everything are left with ongoing pain. In traditional Chinese medicine, pain is a result of obstruction of qi or energy flow which results in lack of blood flow to an area. This means that the localised tissue is not getting the proper nourishment of oxygen and nutrition and there is a backup of cellular detoxification, leading to more pain and inflammation.

It is well established that acupuncture is very beneficial for chronic pain relief as it promotes blood flow to areas of pain and inflammation and the increased blood flow brings oxygen, nutrition, and anti-inflammatory chemicals to the area of pain. Over time the body begins to repair itself and mobility improves as pain levels decrease.

Aine Delaney is a registered nurse and a practicing acupuncturist for 25 years and has studied acupuncture in many countries. She combines low level laser therapy with acupuncture to improve conditions such as chronic nerve pain, low back pain, joint pain, and severe headaches.

Laser therapy stimulates cellular energy, helping wounds to heal faster, and is used for post-operative wound healing and for pain relief. Pulsed electromagnetic therapy is used to stimulate blood and oxygen flow which loosens up spastic muscles. Cupping therapy increases blood flow to muscles and helps to relax tight muscles with shoulder and back pain.

Aine Delaney SRN practises at The Crane Clinic in Galway, phone 087 7965070 or 091 525870.


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