Butcher Martin Divilly to help customers cut down on plastics

Martin Divilly moves with the times — his butcher outlets in Westside and Terryland Shopping Centre have come up with an innovative way to cut down on plastic in his shops — Now they encourage their customers to bring their own containers and their staff are only happy to fill them.

The Divillys have three children, “it’s their future we need to think of. If every business just tried to cut down a little it would make a huge difference overall,” says Audrey Divilly.

“It all started a few months ago when we were trying to think of ways to cut down in our own home, everyone has Tupperware in their house, so it was a simple idea really,” says Martin Divilly. “Our ethos anyway has always been clean, quality food with low food miles, in other words local produce, all our beef is local and dry aged the natural way, all our sausages are homemade in store and our bacon is homecured as well, so this is just a natural progression for us.”

“We weigh the container first,” says Martin “set the scales to zero and then fill the container, each product gets its own label with use by date, weight and cooking instructions so it works perfectly for the customer.” Taking the small step to bringing your own container can make all the difference. Plastic waste is an issue we all need to address.

People are very open to this, the butcher’s Facebook page put up a post advertising the fact that they were only too happy to fill their customer’s own containers and within 24 hours it had sixty thousand views and hundreds of positive comments.

Divillys also offer the customer the option of butcher paper sealed with a sticker instead of a plastic bag and a lot of customers go for this option. So why not put some Tupperware into a bag for life in your car so that way you will have it handy just in case and you’ll be setting a great example for your children and doing your bit for the environment.

Martin Divilly Butchers is an award winning local business, they have two stores Westside Shopping Centre and Terryland Shopping Centre and are open seven days a week.

Martin Divilly Butchers, Westside Shopping Centre Tel: 091 523947 & Terryland Shopping Centre Tel: 091 561732


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