Avoid these five foods before heading off on holiday

Holidaymakers have been warned to avoid certain foods before they embark on their travels to guarantee plain sailing and a comfortable trip.

Giving a wide berth to greasy or acidic foods in the hours before you travel will help you to keep hydrated and not succumb to nausea.

Fried foods can cause heartburn due to their high-fat content and also tend to be high in sodium which can lead to fluid retention and cause bloat or swelling in your body.

Acidic food such as coffee, orange juice and bacon are slow to digest and in the case of coffee can speed up dehydration.

Five foods to avoid before travelling

Fast Food

It might be tempting to grab some fast food whilst stuck in an airport or waiting at the dock to board a ship, but these greasy foods can cause heartburn because of their high-fat content. Fast food also has high sodium levels which can cause bloating or swelling because of the fluid retention - this can mean some serious discomfort whilst travelling, especially with air pressure.


For many travellers having a pint or a glass of wine is a celebratory start to their holiday - but drinking alcohol before and during travelling might not be such a good idea. The body will quickly become dehydrated and also cause a sudden urge to use the bathroom; which could be at a very inconvenient time when boarding a flight or ship. Drinking alcohol can also mean causing unwarranted disruption for other passengers because of lowered inhibitions.


For most of us, coffee is the answer to those early starts ahead of our holidays, but caffeine can cause involuntary jittery movements - not something anyone wants whilst sitting in one position on a long-haul trip. Coffee will also speed up the body’s dehydration which is particularly uncomfortable when travelling.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is known for its acidity - and that’s why it’s best to avoid drinking before travelling. Particularly when flying, heartburn can be brought on by the cabin pressure - and drinking acidic orange juice is no favour. The vitamin C in the drink can also make the bladder weaker, meaning more discomfort and treks to the bathroom.

Cruciferous veggies

Vegetables in the cruciferous family - like broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and kale definitely tick the boxes in terms of health benefits for the body, something which most of us will want before travelling. But these veggies can make the body very bloated and gassy because of the fibre and raffinose which is packed inside them - something which will be very unpleasant whilst travelling.


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