Mental health charity encourages people to set realistic new year’s resolutions

Turn2Me, a national mental health charity, is encouraging people to “aim for progress, not perfection” in their New Year’s resolutions.

The charity said that many people set unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions for themselves, which often leads to disappointment and a feeling of failure. The charity said that setting realistic goals is more achievable. Turn2Me also stated that starting something new, instead of giving something up, can be a healthier goal.

“Everyone associates New Year’s with resolutions, such as losing lots of weight or exercising every day. Instead of setting lots of unrealistic New Year’s resolutions, which often lead to disappointment if they can’t be maintained, setting a smaller number of realistic goals can be more achievable.

“For example, if you rarely exercise and your New Year’s resolution is to go to the gym every day, this might not be realistic. Instead, commit to going twice or three times a week. Goals that aren’t realistic can lead to feelings of disappointment and failure. This feeling of failure can deter people from setting future goals,” Fiona O’Malley, CEO of Turn2Me, said.

Fiona said starting something new, instead of giving something up, can work better for some people – “Consider joining a part-time course, signing up for an art, writing or hiking group, joining a book club or a drama society. New Year’s is a good time for new beginnings. It doesn’t have to mean detoxes, rigid diets or complete lifestyle changes. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Aim for progress, not perfection!”

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