Local Noise Mitigation Group welcome recent Athlone relief road data report

Recent data released pertaining to the noise volume emanating from persistent traffic on the Athlone bypass is reflective of the Relief Road Noise Mitigation Group thought process.

Welcoming the formal publication of the relevant data, Relief Road Noise Mitigation Group chairperson, Cllr Aengus O’Rourke, stated that the noise continues to be intrusive and remains above acceptable levels.

“The traffic noise coming from the Athlone relief road continues to increase, is intrusive and remains above acceptable levels and as a result of such data measures must now be taken to deal with it.

Cllr O’Rourke noted that the Relief Road Noise Mitigation Group comprises residents living in eight estates along the particular route.

“For those living in close proximity to the Athlone relief road there has always been a major issue with the noise level emanating continuously from the route. However, in recent years the problem has become substantially worse. Increased size and capacity of trucks and goods vehicles, along with an increased volume of overall traffic on the road, has added greatly to the noise nuisance coming from the road.

“Those who do not have this problem will not appreciate the extent to which the noise impacts on the lives and wellbeing of those living with the daily and nightly non-stop nature of the noise and in recent years, traffic volumes throughout the night have been increasing in a very noticeable way,” Cllr O’Rourke added.

The councillor noted that he had received an undertaking from Westmeath County Council and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII ) in 2022 to conduct a full acoustic assessment at all the affected areas along the Westmeath stretch of the Athlone relief road.

“Consultants were appointed by the council and the noise assessment works were conducted in January of this year. Acoustic equipment was established in gardens along the perimeter of the relief road and the noise levels were recorded. The data was then collated and detailed on the recently released data,” Cllr O’Rourke commented.

Cllr O’Rourke detailed the relief road recommendations proposed as a result of the collated data.

“This report proposes a number of noise mitigation measures to be taken including the installation of three and four metre high acoustic sound barriers which have the possibility of reducing the noise reaching nearby houses by up to seven decibels.

“The report is quite technical in its presentation so I have asked the engineers to give a summary presentation of the document to our group in due course. I am delighted to have finally received a facts-based report with real data, but we now need to the keep the pressure on TII and the Minister. However, we have yet to achieve our intended aim until we have noise mitigation measures in place along the boundary of the relief road.

“Responsibility for the Athlone Relief Road lies with TII. I have also met with Minister Eamon Ryan on this issue and he has assured me that the Department of Transport will support our case with TII.

“All those affected by noise along the Athlone relief road with an interest in receiving information via our voluntary group (Athlone Relief Road Noise Mitigation Group ) can get in touch by emailing athlonebypassnoise@gmail.com,” Cllr O’Rourke concluded.


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