Stuck for summer plans? Have you considered a home swap?

Brendan Rhatigan

As the summer approaches many of us are making final decisions on where we will be spending the holidays this year.

Unfortunately, accommodation prices are a record levels and availability is limited throughout the country.

This is especially true during July and August with popular locations charging over €2000 per week; it is no surprise that home swapping has become more and more popular. Increasing numbers of Irish holiday makers are taking the home swapping option, as they believe it offers the best value for money thanks to its low cost, convenience and unique benefits.

Sites like offer a wide selection of houses all over Ireland.

Reduce costs and make memories

A recent price survey from the Irish Independent showed the cheapest weekend stay at a four-star hotel in Dublin is €406, and €320 on average throughout the country.

These prices are off-putting, especially for those who wish to holiday for more than a week. The value for money option offered by a home swap is much more attractive.

With a home swap you can stay anywhere for any agreed length of time, for no cost at all, saving as much as €1500-€2500 per week. These savings can then be available to spend on other attractions.

“Every destination is now affordable, because it is free!”

Availing of a home swap not only means you’ll be spending less for one holiday, it will also open the door for you to spend less annually. Sites like home4home have an annual subscription fee, allowing you use their service as many times as you like for less than half of the cost of a nights stay in a hotel.

Value for money, and much more

While the price and value per euro spent is a very attractive feature of the home swap, there are many more benefits to be considered before swapping. Home swapping gives people the opportunity to live as a local; you can blend in with the community, get tips from the home owner and explore places off the beaten track.

Home swapping can allow you to authentically experience an area. Whether it’s a desire to go native, or just a wish to sample a region before considering moving in, the home swap is a fantastic option for travellers and holiday makers.

You can also swap with people whose lifestyles are in line with your own. If you have a family, you can expect to find all the commodities you use in your day to day life at another family’s home as well; if you work remotely you can swap and have everything you need to operate, no need to stress over a wi-fi connection! Home swapping is a fantastic option for people regardless of their age, background or preferences.

How it works

After setting yourself up as a member of, you’ll be free to explore the houses on the site and pick the ones that you fancy.

After a particular house catches your eye, you can then reach out to the owner and begin to discuss the times a swap would suit both of you. It’s at this point that you can get to know your partner, set conditions and more importantly, build trust. After agreement has been reached, its time to swap and you can enjoy your new

temporary home!

Last chance to register 33% off!

If you are interested in trying home swapping as an option, you’ll be happy to hear that are offering a €50 discount off their standard annual membership for a limited time only.

For full details check out


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