Strengthen mind and body with Ashwaganda

Ashwaganda is an ayurvedic herb often referred to as ‘Indian Ginseng’ and is part of the traditional system of healing in India.

Ashwaganda is one of the most highly prized plants for rejuvenating and strengthening mind and body. It has been used as a nutritional tonic for thousands of years, having wide-ranging health benefits, including acting as a tonic for children, and to increase vitality and health in middle aged people and the elderly.

It is especially valued as a nerve tonic for reducing stress and as a memory enhancer. Modern research confirms this age-old use. It has anti-anxiety, anti-depressive and neuro-protective effects, its most valued properties due to their effects on the brain and nervous system, helping to restore neurological networks. It has been shown to protect against the destructive impact of Amyloid, one of the primary mediators of age-related cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

Of five clinical studies undertaken in 2014 to explore the anti-anxiety effects of Ashwaganda, all showed a reduction in anxiety, depression and stress related symptoms. It was found that 300mg taken twice daily significantly reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety, and reduces blood levels of the stress hormone cortisol after just eight weeks of daily use, Ashwaganda has been shown in studies to improve symptoms of chronic fatigue by 45 percent.

Other promising studies from 2011 show the herb being used to reduce stress-related infertility and erectile dysfunction in men, showing a 57 percent increase in sperm mobility, a 167 percent increase in sperm count, and a 53 percent increase in semen volume, when taken for 90 days consistently.

Ashwaganda is available in capsules from Viridian nutrition, and is also available in powder, both of which are organically grown.

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